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Tail Wag

We took pumpkin & kissed it with peanut butter to make a treat that your dog will find hard to resist. Not saying your dog would spend the night with you in a pumpkin patch, but if he had enough of these irresistible treats he might... Made with 100% natural peanut butter and gourdy goodness, these biscuits are sure to please.


Pattywhack Pumpkin

Wish Bones

Everybody knows wish bones come from turkeys. Until now. These treats are made with real beef and will have your dog wishing for only one thing; more Wishbone treats! Besides, dogs have a hard time holding on to real wishbones.


Belly Rub Bacon Cheddar

Cold Nose

What’s the best part of a dog? Ok, sure devotion, companionship and love are good, but we’re talking about a cold nose! People believe a cold nosed dog is a healthy dog and if you give your dog these treats, her nose will stay nice and chilly.


Muddy Paws

Roll Over

Ever give your dog pumpkin? You should. They’ll do anything for one of these pumpkin treats; including – you guessed it – roll over on command. Maybe it has to do with pumpkins rolling easily; maybe it has to do with magic!


Apple Pie with Attitude!

Pup Kisses

She walked in and sat down, staring at the treat jar. She wanted a pup kiss, but the kind made with homemade peanut butter. No sugar, no additives, just goober pea goodness. After a couple treats, she gave out her own version of pup kisses.


What's Up Dog?

Good Dog

Do you say “Good Dog” often enough? If not, maybe it’s because you’re not rewarding your dog with these treats. They’re made with Tillamook cheddar and fresh carrots, two tastes that combine to make these treats irresistable.


Chef Gabi's Bark-BQ Beef


We know fetch is fun only for humans; at least until these treats were invented. Want your dog to fetch? Reward them with one of these and they’ll not only fetch, they’ll learn to throw the stick too! Really, these treats are that good!


Dog Eat Dog World Bones

Belly Rub

Rubbing a dog’s belly will bring good luck. We can’t say for sure, but if your idea of good luck is having nothing better to do than rub a dog’s belly then you’re our kind of people. These cheddar bacon treats will make your dog happy from the belly out!


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